My name is Sacha, I am studying a Masters in Education (Teacher-Librarianship) and as a part of this course am undertaking the unit Youth, Popular Culture and Texts. This blog is part of my learning journey through this course.

My initial questions when coming into this unit revolved around what Popular culture is and how it will impact both my teaching and eventually my work in a library setting. Having read the set texts and looked over definitions and articles on the internet over the past couple of weeks my understanding of popular culture and its wide impact on identity, culture and practices has increased. Dictionary.com defines Popular Culture as: cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people. As these activities and commercial products (such as tv, movies, toys, games and music) have such an impact on who we are and the view of the world we shape it is imperative we understand this culture in order to understand what shapes and drives the young people of today. It is through this, we, as teachers and librarians can better motivate and engage students in learning through creating educational opportunities which are relevant and based in reality providing for a deeper learning experience.

Created by Sacha at Bubbl.us

Created by Sacha at Bubbl.us



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